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As a certified financial planner and a father of a special needs child, Rob personally understands the unique challenges faced by families with special needs members.

Father & Financial Planner

Sixteen years ago, I started a second career as a certified financial planner. This was a few months after my first child was born, and it was a hectic, exciting, and joyful time. There was so much for me to learn both as a new father and as a new financial planner. During the day, I studied about investment theory, tax opportunities and regulations, retirement plans, and financial planning ideas; and I prepared for the series of securities licenses I’d need in order to invest my clients’ savings. At night, I bounced my son on my knee, sang songs, walked around the neighborhood, and urged him to sleep through the night. It was incredibly exciting to watch this newborn change every single day.

My second child, a daughter, was born eighteen months after my son. In the delivery room, it was clear something was different about her. As I first looked at her, I remarked that her nose looked unusual and that she was small.

Our pediatrician was the first to talk to us about having a baby with Down syndrome. She was compassionate and counseled us on how to be prepared to be able to embrace the life we were about to live.

Health complications kept my daughter in the hospital for the next six weeks. She eventually had heart surgery when she was six months old. Those were long, difficult times. One of the cardiologists was experienced with newborns with Down syndrome and kept telling us that Sarah would surprise us throughout her recovery and all she would bring to the family.

In a short time, I discovered that my financial and legal planning life had to change and I began to research the planning techniques to use for my family. I realized that providing this specialized type of financial planning would also allow me to make a real difference for my clients with special-needs members.

The birth of my daughter changed my life—as a father, community member, and financial planner. My family has a great time together, and Sarah leads us in laughter and song. I’ve come to understand how our differences make us stronger and how each member of our community has something to offer. My research and understanding have led me to become an expert in financial and legal planning for families like ours, and I’ve met the most incredible people because of my daughter and what we’ve been through.

By the time my third child, another daughter, was born, I began to understand that effective financial planning meant listening to others’ concerns and fears and that there was much more to my career than technical knowledge.

Here’s what I now know: Families often come to my office in a state of fear and anxiety. They are overwhelmed with the decisions they need to make about their financial life and future planning. They are asking themselves countless questions but don’t know how to begin to answer them. They want financial freedom and the knowledge that the decisions they make today will provide a comfortable retirement for them, a secure future for their children, and funding to help their family members with disabilities live high-quality, fulfilling, and enjoyable lives.

“My hope is that the resources on these pages will help families make impactful decisions to help them have gratifying and rewarding lives.”

Experienced Advisor

At Cascade Investment Group, Rob works with individuals, nonprofit organizations and businesses on financial planning including asset management and asset protection, special-needs planning, wealth transfer and retirement plans.

Rob has been a CFP® professional since 2007 and was recently awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) designation from fi360.

Rob serves as Vice President of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation Board of Directors. He recently finished his term of service with the Cheyenne Village Board of Directors where he acted as Board President. Rob has served on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association, as President of the Board of Directors for CASA of the Pikes Peak Region, on the Ronald McDonald House Charities Board of Southern Colorado as Treasurer, the Board of the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities and The Children’s Hospital at Memorial Hospital’s Parent Advisory Committee. He has had the great pleasure to be involved in the successful completion of a capital campaign to restore the Pikes Peak Library’s historic Carnegie Library.

Rob is a 19-year resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado and a father of three. In his leisure time, Rob enjoys hiking, running trails and other outdoor activities. Rob graduated from Wesleyan University where he earned his BA and MA. He is also a 1999 graduate of the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute.

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