Be Part of Rob's Next Book

Share your stories and help others to make the life a person with disabilities better.

Rob Wrubel is working on his next book for families with special-needs members and is seeking your help to educate and entertain other families. His next book on planning will include stories from parents, caregivers and others helping to make the life of a person with an intellectual or developmental disability better.

His book will highlight planning, financial and legal successes and mistakes through the use of stories and anecdotes.

We welcome your stories!

Some topics to consider:

  • A goal you had that happened and how
  • The best or worst financial action you took
  • How you decided to live in your current home or apartment
  • Steps you took that helped you get out of debt
  • The biggest debt you paid down
  • A positive or negative interaction with Social Security and how you handled it
  • Steps you’ve taken to write down your goals and imagine them coming through
  • Why you chose to get a special-needs trust or have yet to do so
  • What type of insurance you bought
  • Ways you prioritize spending and saving
  • Lessons you’ve learned from your family members with special-needs