Financial Freedom for Special Needs Families

Financial Freedom for Special Needs Families-9 Building Blocks to Preserve Benefits, Reduce Stress and Create a Fulfilling Financial Future is a comprehensive planning guide designed to give you the ideas and tools needed to create a financial and legal plan for your family. Simple worksheets help you make choices at each decision step so you can put your plans in place quickly.

When you follow the simple steps in this invaluable planning guide, you will learn how to set up a special-needs trust, get out of debt and fund an incredible future for your family.

Financial Freedom for Special Needs Families will help you:

  • Understand special needs-trusts and how to have yours in place in 30 days.
  • Create financial stability and reduce stress.
  • Take steps to fund a trust to care for your family member with special needs.
  • Appreciate how much you’ve learned and grown as a result of your family member with a developmental disability.
  • Gain more clarity about what you really want for yourself and your entire family.