30 Days to Your Special Needs Trust – A Quick Start Guide to Your Special Needs Estate Plan

Estate planning is an urgent issue for families who have a member with an intellectual or developmental disability. This crucial planning step can preserve income, health insurance and access to programs to support a person with disabilities, but too many families get stuck and don’t act. Families cannot afford to get stuck. The potential value of benefits is too great to lose.


30 Days to Your Special Needs Trust focuses on simplifying the decisions families have to make. It encourages you to take action and complete your special-needs trust and estate plan to protect your family.


This quick-start guide will help you:

         • Act quickly to protect valuable benefit programs

         • Learn the primary decisions to make in creating an estate plan

         • Create a list of names to fill key roles

         • Reduce stress when you finish this important planning step 

PRAISE FOR Rob’s Latest Book!

From the foreword by Eric Stonestreet – Modern Family’s Cam

“The book in your hands encourages you to take an important planning step to protect benefits that your family member most likely will need. Rob and I talked about his work and his family, and I know he has a big heart as he seeks to educate families like his. I hope this book will help you as you plan for the future.

— Eric Stonestreet, Emmy award-winning actor

“Rob Wrubel has written another must-read for anyone who has a family member or friend with special needs. It is clear that he has a deep passion for helping families with special-needs members get and stay on track financially. His personal commitment is not only inspiring, it’s infectious. Read this book — and learn from one of the best.”

—Jack Canfield, Co-Author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul®

  “As parents of a special needs child, my wife and I are always sensitive to whatever valuable information is out there in the ongoing pursuit of providing the best possible life-long care and comfort for our child. Robert Wrubel’s book is an important tool in that arsenal of vital information.”

— Joe Mantegna, Tony Award-winning Actor nominated for multiple Grammy and Golden Globe Awards

“Once again, Rob has written a must read for individuals and families with loved ones with a disability.  Rob’s financial planning insight has been an asset to The Arc Pikes Peak Region for well over 10 years.  Our chapter members and our community definitely benefit from Rob’s expertise in special needs trusts and disabilities.  I personally encourage everyone who is planning for the future to read 30 Days to Your Special Needs Trust. It is well worth the investment!”

— Wilfred Romero, Executive Director, The Arc Pikes Peak Region